Are you ready to explore the aviation and aerospace industry?
This February 2020, Mt. Doug is hosting a district-wide, semester-long aviation and design program.

In this program students will:

  • Earn credit for five high school and post-secondary courses:
    • Aviation Fabrication 12 – YIA–2CF
    • Aviation Systems and Design 12 – YIA–2BS
    • Work Experience 12A
    • TEAC 105 (a Camosun Engineering Sampler course)
    • Introduction to Aviation 12 (Transport Canada‚Äôs Ground School Certification) – YIA 2AI
  • Work with local aviation employers though work experience placements
  • Visit local technical training facilities for TEAC 105 and Aviation-related projects
  • Co-pilot three flights!

For more information drop by the Career Centre.